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inventlab GmbH is specialized in Supercapacitor based UPS solutions.

We develop Supercapacitor based products as long ago as they are usable for UPS solutions. Different than other PSU manufacturers, inventlab GmbH is deeply specialized in Supercapacitor based UPS solutions. All inventlab-products are Swiss Made.

Beyond COTS/MOTS products, inventlab provides customer specific solutions on base of a scalable modulare concept.


Benefits of Ultracapacitors / Supercapacitors

  • High Lifetime and high cycle life
  • Fast charge and discharge (high power density)
  • Very low inner resistence
  • Temperature resistant
  • No special handling required and no transport constaints
  • No deep discharge problems

This benefits against batteries allow a cost reduction and quality improvement in many applications. For example when:

  • a battery exchange is cost intensive or not customer friendly.
  • a high reliability is required over a whole (and long) lifetime.
  • fast charge/recharge is required.
  • very high current loads need power.
  • environment temperatures no longer allow the use of batteries.
  • an energy storage must be inside of a closed case or area.
  • expensive power supply line can be avoid.

You can expect the following from inventlab GmbH

  • Consulting around the topic of Uninterruptible power supplies and buffer solutions with Ultracapacitors/Supercapacitors and Batteries.
  • Large selection of standard products and integration modules.
  • Analysis of your requirements (Power, Hold-up time, Voltages, Dimensions, Communication signals, ...)
  • Feasibility check of of your requirements.
  • If necessary, measurements of the requirements in our laboratory to proof the concept.
  • Evaluation of a suitable product. If required incl. calculations.
  • Modification of a standard-Product, if required.
  • Solutions on base of our integration modules.
  • Development of customer specific solutions.

These services allow us to always provide you a proper solution. Any additional costs for unnecessary tasks like trial-and-errors can be avoid.


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