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Working at inventlab GmbH

Become part of inventlab GmbH and work on the next innovations. inventlab GmbH develops high-class power electronics in Switzerland, while going new ways to continuously improve the quality and reliability of our products under challenging conditions.

All applicants will have excellent English knowledge, a BSc., MSc., PhD and/or at least 5 years experience in the corresponding area and prove their knowledge by listing at least two successfully realized projects where the responsibility was on behalf of the applicant. Strong analytical skills are a must.

Working at inventlab GmbH does not mean "you are allowed to work 2 days a week in home-office". We go different ways than other companies:

  • First, we do everything to build an environment which creates ideal performing conditions. We do this by removing as many distractions as possible while we define the goals specific and reachable. We continuously try to identify, avoid and find other ways for conventions which do no longer make sense nowadays.
  • Second, you organize yourself to reach your goals. If your current task needs our modern electronics laboratory, work at the company; if you think working in the home-office is more efficient for the current particular task, just do it.
  • And third, we do everything to bring the best engineers together allowing to continuously evolve everyone and learn from each other.

Our application process consists of two initial steps - you fill in the form and if we're interested, we will contact you within 7 days and you will be asked to send us your resume (no need to bother us by call, write or ask us, as our process makes it impossible to "loose" or "miss" your inquiry!).

We only accept job applications by the form at the bottom of this site in the English language. Any other or incomplete inquiry - also if it does not meet the described job requirements - will be ignored.

We will not honor any waste of natural resources and thus not respond to any received resumes on paper - and of course not return any of them.
inventlab GmbH is an equal opportunity employer.

Embedded Software engineer

Your experience: Development of MCU applications in C/C++ (C++17 or newer). Beyond your software development skills, you have a strong knowledge of electrical engineering in general. You have experience in implementing of USB, CAN and TCP/IP Stacks, Bootloaders and real time embedded applications. Having a deep experience in power electronics would be a benefit.

You will work on our Firmware of the current and next generation UPS solutions, implementing a highly reliable and consistent behavior of the UPS. You implement  USB CDC / HID among other interfaces/stacks, as well as configurations and human interfaces to reach great user experiences and a usability in order to ease and minimize our support effort.

Electrical engineer

Your experience: Development of power electronics. You have a deep experience in handling of electronic components what allows you to efficiently evaluate components and make the right trade-offs in order to develop cost sensitive products. You have at least 5 years experience in designing PCBs with an ECAD using consistent approaches for a proper change management and thus maintainable products. In the past, you have used spice simulation tools, as well as math tools like Matlab/Octave. You have strong knowledge in designing emc compliant solutions and thus are able to identify emc and emi issues, as well as solve them, you did emc precompliance tests to avoid failing in a later stage.

You will implement the hardware of our next generation UPS solutions. In addition, you will be part of the development of the specifications considering market demand and feasibility/components.

Desktop-Applications engineer

Your experience: Development of Java FX applications, Java EE technologies. Technologies for persisting data incl. OR Mappers. Furthermore, experience in implementing webservice  (rest and websocket) clients. Having experience in implementing USB HID/CDC interfaces would be a benefit.

You will work on the next generations of configuration and monitoring desktop applications, running on enterprise and industrial Linux and Windows environments.

Web-Applications engineer

Your experience: Development of modern web-applications using the latest technology stack; everything would be fine, except Microsoft technologies. Having a base understanding of electronics - best would be in power electronics - is a must-have. You have built smart business-applications which handle single-source publishing.

You will implement our next generation cloud/web solutions to monitor, update and configure our products. Additional you're part of the development of our new onlineshop which is integrated in our ERP system and in the cloud-solutions.

UI Designer/Developer

Your experience: Designing of user interfaces considering best-practices and usability. You have a deep experience in technologies like react or angular.

You will work on the specifications of our next generation web/cloud and desktop application solutions to reach excellent user experience. You will implement frontend solutions, together with our desktop- and web-application engineers.

Industrialization and quality engineer

Your experience: Development of Test-JIG hardware and suitable software. Deep knowledge of electronic manufacturing processes and quality-supporting approaches like poka-yoke.

You will industrialize our next generation UPS solutions and support our engineers implementing failure-proof approaches to avoid manufacturing issues. You will investigate failed devices and customer issues in order to identify improvement potential to continuously increase the quality and reliability of our products.

Sales engineer

Your experience: Since it is one of our most important goal to only provide qualified communication with our customers, you need experience in development of electronics. Best would be experience in development of power electronics.

You will answer our customer's inquiries, develop approaches to answer customer specific solutions using your experience in power electronics. You will write (feasible!) specifications to allow our engineers to realize your acquired projects.

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